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Since man stopped being nomadic and became settled, about ten thousand years ago, he has needed building materials to make houses and so, he started using the ones he had closer.

Soon, men realized there was no more durable and accessible building material in nature than stone. In this way, we could say this was the birth of the first quarries, in the local sphere, with the aim of assisting their closest market needs.

Beige Hermitage quarry
Limestone Beach quarry

Thousands of years later, with the emergence and development of transport, technology and with the increase of commerce, the quarries started focusing on satisfying the needs of the global market.

The high world’s demand for the most valued materials has caused a constant increase in the extraction capacity in order to satisfy such a need.

The fact of knowing where the best quarries in the world are, who their owners are, the lifespan of the quarry… allows us to work with the best blocks and get much more competitive final prices. Besides, this way, we control the material selection, the cutting process and we secure an ideal finish, which makes it possible to set really high quality standards at a value-for-money price.

Blanco Goya quarry